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Stone Care Products From Supreme Surface Cleaners

Granite worktops along with marble floors, travertine showers and quartz surfaces are beautiful. These natural stones although very durable, should never be cleaned and maintained with ordenary cleaners because they require specialized care. Supreme Surface® Granite & Stone Care Products are pH neutral and specially formulated to clean, brighten, polish and protect worktops with ioSeal Protectants that ionically seals a protective barrier to the stone and quartz surfaces. Supreme Surface offers a complete line of professional grade, simple to use and nontoxic stone care products. So don't just clean, ionically seal and protect your marble, granite, travertine and other natural stones with Supreme Surface® Stone Care Products when cleaning stone.

Granite Countertop Cleaner

granite cleaner photoSupreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner will polish and instantly revitalizes dull, faded worktops with ioSeal Protectants. It ionically seals and protects when cleaning quartz and granite worktops. In fact, it's a fantastic deep cleaner that can even remove stains from granite, including black permanent marker. When using Supreme Surface as a daily cleaner, it protects against stains and restores the natural colors and veining. Best of all, it leaves a supreme streak-free shine, every time. Even when cleaning polished black granite counters!

Stone Shower Cleaner

stone shower cleaner photoSupreme Surface Stone Shower Cleaner is safe for daily use on honed and tumbled marble, granite, travertine and other natural stones in the bath and shower. Use Supreme Surface instead of other household bath and shower cleaners which can damage nautral stones and plumbing fixtures. Our revolutionary stone shower cleaner uses ioSeal Protectants and cleans, polishes, ionically seals and protects against soap scum and mineral deposit build-up with every use. Our shower cleaner also restores the natural colors and veining within your stone. Read more about cleaning stone showers..

Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover

scum, waterspot and mineral deposit remover photoSupreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposit Remover most effectivly removes soap scum, hard water deposits, and water stains from fiberglass, natural stone, stainless steel sinks and more. Daily cleaning with Supreme Surface Cleaners and ionically sealing and protecting the surface is the best way to prevent soap scum build-up. But when you're too late and want to remove water spots, stains and soap scum, look at Supreme Surface Scum and Mineral Deposite Remover..

Stone Flooring Cleaner

Cleaner for Stone FloorsWhen cleaning stone flooring such as travertine tile, always be sure to use a pH neutral cleaner. in most cases simple products such as dish soap and water is considered acceptable, but dish soaps require a rinse and don't do anything to condition or protect the stone. A honed or tumbled travertine tile, with a chalky damaged look, can be revitalized when using Supreme Surface Stone Floor Cleaner. Our cleaner will enhance the stones color and veining, it will also protect against stains. Discover how Supreme Surface Cleaners can help make your natural stone and grout look better.

Cleaner For Granite Composite Sinks

granite composite sink cleaner photoCleaning a granite composite sink can be simple and easy, but it is important to consider the best way to avoid common isuues. A granite sink can start looking dull or get a hazey on the surface. Supreme Surface Cleaners utilize ioSeal Protectants and can help keep your sink looking like new by ionically sealing and protecting every time you clean. Use Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner to help prevent that dull build-up on the surface of your sink. Read more about cleaning granite sinks.

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