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Ionically Seal and Protect

Unlike other granite cleaners, Supreme Surface ionically seals and protects every time you clean your granite worktops with IoSeal.

Our granite cleaner ionically bonds a protective barrier to the surface when cleaning. The sealer and protective barrier is self leveling and won't build up, making it highly resistant against stains and other common issues. An ionic bond is a an electro magnetic force that binds atoms together. Natural granite emits negitive ions and our granite cleaner contains a cationic protectant and conditioning agent that is considered a positive. When our granite cleaner is applied to the surface of the stone, a transfer of electrons occure. Once the transfer of electrons occurs, the atoms get charged: One atoms gets a positive charge and the other gets a negative charge. This is considered to be an electro static attraction or an ionic bond.

We use a cosmetic grade surfactant (cleansing agent), that's what actually cleanses the countertop. We've coupled it with a cationic protectant and conditioning agent, that ionically bonds a protective component to the granite that will help protect against stains, water spots and more, giving a smooth feel after every use.