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Cleaner & Conditioner For Granite Worktops From Supreme Surface®

granite worktop cleaner. Supreme Surface® Granite and Quartz Cleaner and Conditioner, is pH neutral and progressivly seals every time you clean. It's non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.Unlike other stone care products, It will clean and help protect your worktops against common issues including hard water spots, grease, oils and other spills that could cause a stain. It’s formulated for daily use on granite, quartz, marble and more. Supreme Surface® Granite and Quartz cleaner and conditioner has a fresh clean scent and will leave a crystal clear, streak free shine every time!. All this every time you clean and simple to use! See How

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Treatments vs Just Cleaners

Most products being sold for cleaning worktop surfaces are rather simple formulas that just cleanse, but do nothing to protect against common issues such as stains, hard water spots and making colours more vibrant. Consider Supreme Surface® Granite and Quartz Cleaner a treatment. Unlike other granite cleaners and household products, our formula contains ioSeal protectants. We progressively seal granite and protect against stains, hard water spots, soap scum build-up and more with every use.