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FAQ: Cleaning Granite and Stone Care


Breathable Sealer for Granite and Stone:
Our products that contain what we call "IoSeal" are not occlusive and are breathable. Taking a baking dish out of an oven and placing it onto a stone surface that has been treated with our IoSeal products, will have no adverse effect.

Temperature stability:
The Granite Sealer and Conditioner formula has been tested and found to be stale through several freeze, thaw cycles as well as elevated temperatures of 140 deg. F. for one week and found to be stable. These tests indicate that the product should be considered stable for general consumer goods application. Back

Outdoor applications:
This formula is UV and thermal stable, recommended for outdoor applications:
For outdoor applications, it has not been found that more frequent applications are required, other than in areas where higher concentrations of dirt or dust may be a factor. Back

Can the product be used to clean and protect quartz counters & soapstone:
The product is recommended for polishing, protecting, sealing and cleaning granite, marble, travertine, soapstone and other natural stones including quartz worktops and engineered stone surfaces. Back

Applications for stone flooring:
The Granite Sealer and Conditioner may be used on natural stone flooring. However, it is not recommended for vinyl or hard wood floors. Back

Stability to acidic solutions:
The Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner formula was designed for daily use or frequent applications and when the product is used in this manner, it forms a resistive barrier that slows down the possible attack of acidic solutions like vinegar, lemon juice, apple juice or soft drinks. This barrier also allows for easy removal of common, calcium based water spots. Back


Does Supreme Surface build up on the surface of the stone:
No, Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner is a no rinse formula designed to break itself down. It won't build up causing the surface to dull like other pH balanced cleaners, including homemade granite cleaners and dishwashing soaps that require a rinse. Back


Can I clean my granite worktops with dish soap and water:
When cleaning your granite worktops with dish soap and water, although it won't hurt your worktops, over time it will leave a film and eventually start to dull the polished finish of your granite. Her is an article that discusses cleaning granite with dish soap. Back


Is Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner a daily cleaner:
Yes, cleaning your granite every day will not only clean, but will also condition the stone by filling in the porse and help protect the surface against stains and water spots. Back


Is Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner safe for food prep areas:
Yes, Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner is non-toxic and safe for food prep areas. Back


Do I need to polish my granite:
No need in purchasing a granite polish. The Supreme Surface granite cleaner contains IoSeal and will leave a smooth reflective finish to your granite. Back


Is Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner naturally derived and safe for our environment:
Yes, Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner is non-toxic, biodegradable and 100% naturally derived. Back


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