Top rated cleaners for travertine floors, showers, walls, counter tops and tile backsplashes. Formulated to clean polish, seal and protect.

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How To Use Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner

Using our granite cleaner is simple and easy. Here are some basic Instructions and a video demonstration on how to clean granite worktops using Supreme Surface granite cleaner and conditioner.

This is first video that Tom ever made that was posted onto the internet. We've grown a bit since then, but our granite cleaner and conditioner is still the same daily cleaner for granite and quartz counters. Keep in mind that our cleaner isn't like other household cleaners. Our formula contains ioSeal protectants and is designed to clean, polish, protect and seal with every use!

We use less product to do the job than other brands. In fact, if used as a daily cleaner for granite surfaces, expect one unit to last the average kitchen about 10-12 weeks.

Step One: Simply hold container about 10-12 inches from the areas to be cleaned, spray onto the surface and buff to a clean, smooth, streak-free polished shine (every time) with the included Microfiber towel. See, that's easy!