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Cleaning Polished, Honed and Cleft Slate Stone

A photo of a beautiful polished slate shower, walls and floor in bathroom.When researching the best way to clean and care for slate, you must first know that slate is a natural stone that is available in various textures and finishes. So the best way to clean slate with one texture may not be the best way to care for another slate finish. The most common slate texture or finish would be the natural or cleft surface, followed by tumbled or honed and than a polished slate. Natural slate is commonly used for both home interiors and exteriors. Natural slate can add beauty and texture to any area of the home including floors, walls and even a tile backsplash.

Cleaning and Caring for Natural Slate Stone

Cleaning slate is not hard, so long as you take preventative measure in keeping the slate from staining. It is important to keep polished and honed slate free of grit and debris, so if used on a floor, regular sweeping is a good way to keep slate looking great. When using a cleaning product, it is important to remember that slate is porous, which means liquids can seep into the surface. Acidic substances left on slate such as soda, coffee, juice, etc. have the ability to infiltrate the surface of the slate and not only leave stains, reduce the enhanced and vibrant colors that natural slates have to offer. Since slate is reactive to acids, such as vinegar, orange, or lime cleaning products, as well as to harsh chemicals, such as bleach or ammonia, it is always best to use pH neutral cleaning products. This insures that your investment will not be harmed, and the colors will remain alive and vibrant. Using Supreme Surface Stone Shower Cleaner on your natural slate surface will also condition the stone, protect and enhance the colors. Prevention is key with natural stone.

What is natural slate:

Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock. It is derived from a shale-type sedimentary rock made from clay or volcanic ash through a metamorphosis. The end result is a foliated rock. Slate is usually grey in color, but the shades of grey can vary depending on the region from which the slate is extracted. It can also be found in purple, green, and cyan. Although slate is commonly used as a roofing material, it is also popular inside of the home as natural stone flooring, showers, and backsplashes.