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Cleaning Marble Countertops, Floors, Showers and More

Marble Countertop PhotoWhen cleaning marble worktops, showers, floors and other surfaces, it is important to make sure the stone is sealed. Lets note that not all marble and stone cleaners perform at the same level.

When looking for the best way to keep marble clean, it is important to know a few basic steps. It is always imperative to use pH neutral cleaner for natural stone. This will eliminate most household cleaners because these products are acidic, abrasive, or have harsh chemicals. Some common products that would fall into this category are:

Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner is safe for everyday use on all natural stones including polished, honed and tumbled marble surfaces. If you have a marble shower, use Supreme Surface Stone Shower Cleaner. Our stone cleaners are designed to do more than just clean marble and granite. They will clean, ploish and protect the stones surface. So use Supreme Surface and protect against stains, improve the polished surface, and clean with a streak free shine, every time!

Best Way To Clean Marble Is With a Micro Fiber Cloth

Another suggestion is to use a microfiber cloth when cleaning marble surfaces, because the soft material will buff away dirt without scratching the surface. It is important to remember that marble is prone to holding water spots, so it's best to never leave spilled water or other liquids to sit on marble worktops to evaporate. It's best to wipe them up as soon as they are noticed. This will help prevent mineral build up on the marble surface and around sink and faucet areas.

Cleaning Marble Floors

When cleaning marble flooring, dust-mopping with a microfiber cloth should be sufficient on a day to day basis. When a more thorough cleaning is necessary, The Supreme Surface Stone Floor Cleaner (Now Available) is a simple, easy to use spray and wipe away formula. It is not only pH neutral, but also 100% naturally derived and safe around children, pets, and food preparation areas. It does not leave a build-up and will not only clean marble, but also condition the stone's porous surface, helping to prevent stains.