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How To Clean Granite Worktops

granite and quartz worktop cleaner lBuy Now ButtonWhether you already have or are contemplating new quartz or granite worktops, you are probably facing the issue of how to care for them. Though the amount of information available may become daunting, it can actually be quite easy to clean and protect your kitchen worktops. However, you should be aware that there are products available that can permanently damage the polished surface of your stone.

Cleaning with pH Neutral Cleaners

First and foremost, it is essential to use a pH neutral cleaner. Though granite is a very resilient stone, acidic and alkaline solutions can dull or etch the stone over time. Beware of "homemade recipes" for cleaning granite and quartz. While there are safe homemade recipes on the internet today, many require ingredients such as ammonia or bleach which are strong alkaline solutions. Other products to avoid at all costs are acidic ingredients such as vinegar or fruit juices such as lemon. All of these ingredients can cause lasting damage to the color and polished surface.

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Polish and Condition Your Stone with ioSeal Protectants

ioseal logoCaring for granite and other natural stones is comparable to caring for a diamond; to keep it looking its best you need to find a product that not only cleans but also enhances the beauty and sparkle. Therefore, when choosing the best granite cleaner, it may be wise to ask yourself what you want the product to do. You now know that whatever you choose it must be pH neutral, but beyond that what do you expect the cleaner to do for your worktops? For instance, though most dish soaps are pH neutral and are safe to use on natural stone surfaces, over time they cause an unsightly haze or cloudiness if not thoroughly rinsed off with water. It is recommended to find a cleaner that will condition the stone and enhance the colors that make natural stone surfaces so unique. Because of the reflective nature of polished surfaces, you may want to find a product that is streak-free and that does not leave a residue.

Protect Your Worktops from Stains and Mineral Deposits

Another important quality to remember about natural stone and quartz is that regardless of whether your worktops have been sealed, they are porous and will easily absorb oils, stains and mineral deposits if not protected. It is essential to find a cleaner that will not only clean, but that will also protect your natural stone or quartz surfaces from these common problems.

Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and Conditioner is unlike any product on the market today. While most cleaners available only promise to clean, our product cleans, but also contains ioSeal protectants that condition, protect and seal your granite all in one. Ioseal is a cationic protectant that ionically bonds with the surface, creating anon-toxic protective barrier from stains and mineral deposits. These protectants fill the porous surface, giving your worktops a smoother, mirror-like finish. Our product will also progressively seal your natural stone, so by using our product on a regular basis, you will never need to seal your worktops again!